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Fowler FEC Labor for Aid Forum

September 26, 2018

It was a pleasure to host the Fowler FEC Labor for Aid Forum. Thank you to Sabrin Farooqui from Labor for Aid, Wayne Gum and Joy Kyriacou from Oxfam and Kate Lee from Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA, for your much valued contribution. Labor is committed to rebuilding Australia's international development assistance program and increasing aid investment beyond current levels.

It was extremely encouraging to see a large number of people from my electorate attend the event, to raise their concerns about Australia’s current contributions to assist developing countries and strategies that we can implement to improve our international aid contribution.

As a nation that strives to be generous and caring, international development assistance is crucial to our foreign policy and remains consistent with our Australian values and national interests.

The discussion that took place at the Labor for Aid Forum made one thing clear: when it comes to helping those in need across the world, we can and must do better.