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39th Anniversary of the fall of Saigon

April 23, 2014

Federal Member for Fowler, Chris Hayes MP, pays tribute to the Australian and South Vietnamese soldiers who died fighting for freedom and democracy in the Vietnam War from 1962-1975.

"April 30 marks the 39th anniversary of the fall of Saigon and the end to the Vietnam War. Our involvement in the Vietnam War is the longest war in which Australian forces has ever been engaged, with almost 60,000 Australians serving in Vietnam."

"Thousands lost their lives in this conflict, including 521 Australian servicemen."

"The fall of Saigon was a very sad moment for all Vietnamese people, especially for those who believe in liberty, freedom and democracy." he said.

"On Saturday 25th April, I will be at the Vietnam War Memorial in Canberra to honour and pay my respects to the thousands of men and women who died fighting for freedom and human rights in Vietnam."

Mr Hayes urges the local community to come together on this solemn occasion to commemorate the sacrifices of Australian and Vietnam veterans.

"For the sake of our Veterans, we must never forget.

Their sacrifice will always be remembered by those who value freedom."