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Anzac Centenary plans underway in Fowler

June 23, 2014

Fowler electorate will commemorate the upcoming Centenary of Anzac and World War I with a number of projects involving the local schools, organisations and the wider community.

"The First World War, and particularly the ANZAC efforts, helped forge our national identity and define our national character," Mr Hayes said.

"Our community is using the Federal Government Anzac Centenary Grant funding to commemorate this important time in Australia’s history through a number of community events.

We are also using it as an opportunity for knowledge building, to teach our young people in particular, about the history that has allowed us to enjoy the freedom and peace we do today", Mr Hayes added.

Students from more than 40 local schools will have the opportunity to express their own unique understanding of Australia’s involvement in World War I and its effects on shaping modern-day Australia through a wide-reaching arts competition.

In addition, to optimize learning opportunities, an educational calendar highlighting daily events from the 28th of June 1914 until 11th of November 1918 will be created and disseminated using a designated website.

The website will be launched at the Whitlam Library in Cabramatta, on Friday 27 June at 10am.

Members of the Fowler Anzac Centenary Committee and local students will participate at the launch.