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Budget 2014

May 16, 2014

Chris Hayes MP, Federal Member for Fowler, expressed his strong disagreement with many of the Federal Government decisions revealed in last week’s Budget.

"Tony Abbott’s own words are coming back to haunt him. Before the election he clearly promised "no new taxes, no raised taxes" … "no cuts to the education, no cuts to health, no changes to pensions, no changes to the GST and no cuts to the ABC or SBS".

"He has broken every single one of these promises with $80 billion cut form the health and education budget leaving the onus on the State Governments to cover shortfalls.

"The cut to education include $6.5 billion from the Gonski school reforms, abandoning needs based funding." Mr Hayes said.

The budget includes a $2.2 billion fuel excise tax, a new $7 per visit GP tax, $5 increase to the price of medicine, a debt levy, cuts to family payments and changes to pension indexation.

"14,367 pensioners in Fowler will be more than $1600 a year worse off under the new indexation system.

"Combined with increasing the pension age to 70 and scrapping the pension supplement, this Government is clearly attacking our most vulnerable." Mr Hayes said.

With close to 16 000 Fowler families receiving Family Tax Benefit B, Mr Hayes identified reducing the threshold from $150,000 to $100,000 in annual income and cutting the payment when the youngest child turns 6, as one of the most unfair decisions.

"Taking into consideration these changes and the new taxes, average families will be close to $5000 per year worse off.

"As the representative of an electorate with pockets of great disadvantage, I understand the cost of living pressures facing individuals and families in my electorate.

"With budget supposedly in a state of emergency, the Abbott Government fails to justify spending $5.5 billion a year on his Rolls Roys Paid Parental Leave for wealthiest families to have a child." Mr Hayes said.

Young people will also lose out with the unemployed under 30 waiting 6 months before receiving benefits and switching those under 25 from Newstart to the much lower Youth Allowance.