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Campaign to bring lifts to Canley Vale station

July 29, 2013

Chris Hayes MP, Federal Member for Fowler, has re-ignited the campaign to install lifts at Canley Vale Station.

He has written to the NSW Minister for Transport a number of times over the past year and a half and has received strong support from local residents with hundreds signing a petition calling for lifts.

"It is clear that members of our local community want to see lifts installed at this increasingly busy train station.

"There are a number of elderly, people with disability and parents with prams who find it very difficult to climb stairs. There have been a number of falls and injuries by those who tried to climb", Mr Hayes said.

Currently, the alternative to taking the stairs includes walking an extra 500 metres up a ramp next to heavy traffic.

"Lack of lifts is particularly an issue considering Canley Vale train station services an aged hostel, two nursing homes, two temples as well as schools and shops.

"I was pleased to learn of the recent decision to upgrade Canley Vale Station but was disappointed that lifts were not part of the upgrade".

"I intend to continue campaigning on this important issue", Mr Hayes added.