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Carers receive the recognition they deserve

October 21, 2010

During Carers Week 2010, Chris Hayes MP, Federal Member for Fowler, has paid tribute to the thousands of unsung heroes in Liverpool and Fairfield who care for a person with a disability.


Mr Hayes spoke today in the Federal Parliament in support of the Carer Recognition Bill 2010. He said we should all acknowledge the vital role carers play in our community as well their incredible devotion, service and hard work.


“In the Liverpool and Fairfield local government areas, there are more than 26,000 unpaid carers who deserve our recognition,” Mr Hayes said.


“These carers selflessly give of their time to care for a loved one or friend. They perform diverse roles, depending on the illness or disability of the person they are caring for. And whatever duties they are required to undertake, they do it with dignity while showing the proper respect to the family members and friends they care for.”


“I am very pleased that the Gillard Government has seen fit to formally recognise the role of carers in our community through the Carer Recognition Bill 2010.


“I am also very supportive of the inclusion of the “Statement for Australia’s Carers” in this Bill which states the key principles on how carers should be treated and considered including that they should be treated with dignity and respect.”


Carers Australia CEO Joan Hughes has described this legislation as an important landmark.


“We believe all carers should have the same rights and opportunities as other Australians to enjoy optimum health and social wellbeing and to participate in family, social and community life,” she said.


“It is encouraging that this is reflected under the principles of the legislation.”