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Coalition introduces alternative to NBN

April 24, 2013

Chris Hayes MP, Federal Member for Fowler, strongly condemned the Federal Opposition’s broadband policy plans.

The Coalition recently unveiled a cheaper but slower alternative to the National Broadband Network.

"Coalition’s proposal means hundreds of local households will have their planned connection to the NBN cancelled"

"People will be forced to pay up to $5,000 to connect fibre to their homes and businesses; otherwise they will not have quality high speed broadband. Those living in strata units will need to get 75% of units in their block to agree to pay $5,000 in order to be connected", Mr Hayes said.

"Many local families will not be able to afford this and will unfairly be left behind. Our youth, particularly those studying do not deserve this".

"Access to high speed broadband for all Australians is essential in the 21st century era of technology".

"This is why Labor plans to deliver best available quality and speed internet to households and businesses at no individual cost", Mr Hayes added.

While NBN is based on the ‘fibre to the premises’ network the Coalition’s proposal is based on the ‘fibre to node’ network relying on the existing copper network.

"Under Labor, the NBN is offering speeds up to 100Mbps and soon there will be a 1000Mpbs product available – the Coalition’s Fibre to the Node will never be able to achieve these speeds".

"The Coalition policy is an extremely short sighted plan with no vision for the future needs of our nation".

"The proposed policy would be detrimental to local businesses and households", Mr Hayes added.