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Fear over the upcoming budget

May 13, 2014

Chris Hayes MP, Federal Member for Fowler, expressed grave concern over the effect this year’s Federal budget will have on the local residents.

"This Government has made it clear that nothing and no one is off limits when it comes to this budget, including the most vulnerable members of our community".

Pension and family payments, health and education, unemployment benefits and support for people with disabilities are all in the firing line.

"My electorate has a lot of disadvantage. Many locals are already struggling and will not be able to handle cuts to the minimum wage greater restrictions on pensions, welfare payments and family support.

"Despite Tony Abbott’s firm promises of no raised taxes and no new taxes, we are now bracing ourselves for a new tax to see a doctor, tax increases on petrol and a brand new debt tax", Mr Hayes said.

Mr Hayes said the local community is already suffering from cuts to funding for local organisations and programs.

"This Government has already scrapped funding under the Building Multicultural Communities program, cutting support for ethnic communities.

"Funding is also being cut for SouthWest Connect which provides support to young people searching for employment. This Government is clearly turning its back on the youth", Mr Hayes added.

"With this government talking the economy down how can the Liberals justify spending $5.6billion a year for the wealthiest families to have children with the Rolls Royce Paid Parental leave.

"Tony Abbott stated before the election that there will be: "No cuts to education, no cuts to health, no change to pensions, no change to the GST and no GP tax".

"He is willing to break each one of these promises, he does not deserve the trust of the Australian people", Mr Hayes added.