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Federal and NSW Government reach agreement on school funding

April 24, 2013

Member for Fowler Chris Hayes today said that local schools would be the winners after the Prime Minister signed an agreement with the NSW Government to inject $5 billion into NSW schools.

Mr Hayes said the historic agreement will benefit over 1.1 million students across the state and ensure every child in Fowler receives a world class education.

"This agreement will drive long term improvements in our schools and deliver better outcomes for all students," Mr Hayes.

"Under the plan, the Federal Labor government will invest $2 for every $1 the state government contributes.

"The plan will ensure our schools, teachers and kids are properly resourced for generations to come and Australia’s classrooms are among the top 5 in the world in reading, maths and science by the year 2025.

"Our children deserve the best start in life and good education will equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to secure high-skilled, high-paid jobs", Mr Hayes said.

Under the deal NSW schools will receive an additional investment totalling around $5 billion over six years. Of this, the Federal Government will contribute 65 per cent ($3,270 billion) and the NSW Government 35 per cent ($1,761 billion).

It means more money:

  1. To help improve reading and writing;
  2. For specialist language teachers; and
  3. To ensure schools have enough money for the teaching resources and modern equipment they need.

Chris Hayes said an Abbott Government would take this record investment in schools away from local kids and families leaving many, particularly in disadvantaged areas, behind.

"There is a significant risk to school funding under an Abbott Government.

"We simply can not compromise on our investment in education and in our children’s future", Mr Hayes added.

To stop Tony Abbott’s cuts to school funding visit and sign the online petition.