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Harmony Day

March 21, 2014

Chris Hayes MP, Federal Member for Fowler, has drawn attention to the importance of Harmony Day, celebrated across Australia on 21st of March.

"Harmony day is a day we celebrate the vibrancy, colour and diversity of our multicultural nation."

"We also recognise that the country we call home was built by generations of people who left their homelands in search of a better life. Other than Aboriginal people, all of us are either migrants or descended from migrants", Mr Hayes said.

According to ABS data, the electorate of Fowler is officially the most multicultural in Australia with 50 percent of residents born overseas.

"Becoming the member for Fowler has allowed me to see firsthand the wonderful contributions that members of various cultural groups make not only to their respective communities but also to the general fabric of Australia itself", Mr Hayes said.

"The contributions are widespread, ranging from economic in various fields, particularly in small business in my community, as well as contributions to the social and cultural diversity of the country."

"Members of different cultural groups have introduced Australia to new cuisines as well as to vibrant and colourful customs and celebratory events, among other things."

"I hope our local area continues to be the great example of harmony and success of multiculturalism, Mr Hayes added."