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Immigration used as a decoy to cover up the Government’s failure to invest

November 22, 2018

Of course we should regularly monitor our immigration intake to ensure it is meeting both our social and economic objectives.

Clearly this should be a bipartisan position.

But to make immigration the full story for our levels of congestion and overcrowding is simply wrong.

The reason that our roads are clogged, trains overcrowded, hospital waiting lists growing and schools overloaded is not because of immigration, but simply, a failure by Government to invest in productive infrastructure.

Remember, Tony Abbott refused to assist States with upgrades and construction of Rail and the Morrison Government continues with the damaging cuts to schools and hospitals.

While Morrison talks about cutting the current immigration rate from 190,000 to 160,000, that represents a drop in the ocean, when you consider currently this Government has issued 1.6 million people with temporary work visas.

Jobs that should be fulfilled by Australians.

With the construction of Badgerys Creeks Airport in Western Sydney, there must be a preference for locals in the jobs it generates, rather than foreign nationals.

The Liberals cut funding to universities and TAFE and then wonder why we do not have the home grown skills for the jobs of today.

Of course they want to blame immigration because it covers up their failure to properly and sustainably invest in Australia and Australians.