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Is it a Joke? This Year’s Federal Budget

May 05, 2016


What’s the difference between people who live in Western Sydney and those living on the North Shore? Tax cuts, they get them and the majority of us don’t.

It is not a joking matter and Chris Hayes says that local families in his electorate will be more than $4,000 worse off.

"The average household income in my electorate is under $60,000, therefore, the Turnbull Government’s budget tax cuts for those earning over $80,000 a year simply does not apply to the majority of families in South West Sydney."

"It is equally disappointing that the government has also kept the cuts that the former Abbott Government made to health and education, $80 billion worth of cuts, not to mention the cutting of family payments, school kids bonus and forcing people to pay more when they visit their doctor," Chris Hayes said.

Labor is committed to maintaining the funding of health and education, ensuring that the Gonski school education funding is fully met as well as ensuring that TAFE is the predominant provider for education.

"Local families don’t ask for much, but they deserve a fair go."

"Tax cuts for the high end of town, but making the average family worse off, is simply not fair," Chris Hayes said.