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Local artist turns 103

August 12, 2013

Chris Hayes MP, Federal Member for Fowler, hosted a birthday party in his office for Mr Ted Wale, a local artist who turned 103 on Monday.

"It is a privilege to be able to host a birthday celebration for Ted who turns 103 today.

"For me to be able to spend time with a person born in 1910, who can recall and speak about the most significant events that occurred over the last century is truly an honour.

"He lived through the period that saw the birth of our Anzac spirit, faced the challenges of the great depression and witnessed unparalleled change. Life was not always easy, but Ted is a resilient and inspirational character and is still a prominent artist in our local community", Mr Hayes said.

Ted is the founding member of the Cabramatta-Fairfield Art Society.

"The last century has seen two World Wars, discovery of penicillin and putting a man on the moon. While most of us learn about these events in the history books, Ted has actually lived through them", Mr Hayes added.

Ted moved to Cabramatta in 1956 and has seen the way our local community has changed over the last quarter of a century.

"When I first move to Cabramatta, the roads were gravel, there were no busses and we had regular power and water shortages. The area looked very different and people lived differently.

"I am very happy that a birthday party was organised for me. It gives me a chance to tell my stories, and hopefully everyone learnt a little bit about our past. I don’t get a chance to talk to people much anymore so I enjoy social gatherings like this", Mr Wale said.

Mr Wale says he does not have any particular secrets to living a long and fulfilling life. He still enjoys sweets and drinks in moderation. He quit smoking forty years ago and suggests every smoker should do so.

"I still walk up the road to get a coffee with my friends who help me learn Spanish while I help them learn English. It is important to stay active", Mr Wale added.

"On behalf of my staff and our grateful community, I wish Ted a very happy birthday", Mr Hayes said.