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Medicare Levy to fund NDIS

May 02, 2013

Most local residents will not pay Medicare Levy to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme, said Federal Member for Fowler, Chris Hayes.

"Federal Government’s recent initiative to ensure strong and stable funding for generations to come through a National Disability Insurance Scheme will benefit many people with disabilities across the country.

"It will also benefit their families and carers and give a peace of mind to the rest of Australians that they will be cared for and supported should they find themselves with an unexpected lifelong injury or disability", Mr Hayes said.

The initiative will be partly funded through an increase in the Medicare Levy, from 1.5 per cent of taxable income to 2 per cent from 1 July 2014.

Those on an annual income of $50,000 will pay 68 cents per day to contribute towards establishing the NDIS. This will equal $250 per annum.

A third of taxpayers, including low income earners, pensioners and older workers will be exempt from paying for the Scheme. Workers on less than $20,000 and pensioners and older workers on less than approximately $30,000 will not pay.

"With median annual income in Fowler at just under $20,000 approximately 56,000 or over a half of our local workers will not be paying the levy.

"This is a long overdue reform of the disability sector ensuring approximately 410,000 Australians with serious disabilities have the lifelong care and support they need.

"There are 4 204 prospective NDIS clients in Fowler alone. Only four other electorates have more individuals who will benefit from this historic scheme.

It is important for our local area to come together in support of their neighbours who will greatly benefit from NDIS", Mr Hayes added.