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Migrant Resource Centre to Help Prevent Crime

August 09, 2013

Chris Hayes, Federal Member for Fowler, today announced the Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre had received $272,000 of Federal funding under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

The Proceeds of Crime Act (2002) enables money from assets of crime confiscated under Commonwealth law to be returned to the community.

"We are taking money from criminals and investing it across the country to not only fight crime but prevent young people from falling into the life of crime", Mr Hayes said.

Liverpool MRC will use the funding to administer a youth mentoring program that aims to link young migrant males to local services, education and training providers.

Kamalle Dabboussy, MRC’s General Manager said: "We are delighted to have the support of our local Member to undertake a program which will link vulnerable people to vital services and engage them in mainstream community".

"This funding is a recognition of the hard work and commitment by the Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre to educate and provide support to the newly arrived members of our vibrant, multicultural community", Mr Hayes said.

ALP Candidate for Hughes, Alison Megarrity added that the funding was a culmination of years of hard work by the MRC.

"This will give the MRC the opportunity to expand its services and reach an even larger number of people in the most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Liverpool", Ms Megarrity said.

Other areas targeted by the National Crime Prevention Funding include:

 Grants to local councils for safety infrastructure including closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems and lighting including $300,000 for Liverpool Council;

 Youth mentoring and outreach programs run by not-for-profit community organisations including Police Citizens Youth Clubs, Blue Light organisations and Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets.