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Miller TAFE Speaks Out Against Education Cuts

November 16, 2012

Chris Hayes MP, Federal Member for Fowler, recently visited the Miller College of TAFE to discuss the implications of the NSW Government cuts to education funding.

He used the opportunity to observe some of the classes including carpentry, metal fabrication and Special Programs including Basic Adult Education and English for Speakers of Other Languages.

He also attended a BBQ lunch organised by the Student Association where the students spoke of their experiences at TAFE and concerns over the recent funding cuts.

"The $1.7 billion cut to education by the NSW Liberal Government will be highly damaging to every Primary and High School as well as TAFE student", Mr Hayes said.

TAFE students will be faced with fee increases of 9.5% and 800 TAFE workers will loose their job over the next four years as a result of the NSW Government decision.

Trade based courses will inevitably be taken over by private providers while courses based on caring for those in need, such as the Mental Health Education Support Unit and Basic Adult Education, will be permanently cut.

"TAFE qualification is universally recognised and respected. TAFE has, for years now, been on the frontline when it comes to giving people in NSW the skills they need to fill the jobs of the future".

"This decision by the NSW Government threatens to decrease the quality of future workers who come through the TAFE system".

"The cuts could not come at a worse time with our State in need of more skilled workers".

"The Federal Government certainly understands this and has put $2.3 billion into the NSW training system over the next five years. This includes the $673, 630 Miller Trade Training Centre at Miller High School in partnership with the TAFE", Mr Hayes added.

Mr Hayes was joined by Phil Chadwick, TAFE State President of NSW Teacher’s Federation, who expressed his strong disagreement with the funding cuts.

"I am devastated by the deliberate act of vandalism by Barry O’Farrell cutting $1.7 billion from our education system".

"TAFE is a respected institution with a long and proud history of providing the best quality education and training and this reputation is now being threatened", Mr Chadwick said.