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Motorcycle Awareness Week 2012

October 19, 2012


This week is Motorcycle Awareness Week.

Federal Member for Fowler, Chris Hayes MP, is joining the Motorcycle Awareness Week Campaign, from 20th to 28th of October, urging motorcyclists to exercise caution when riding.

The campaign also strongly advocates for all road users to be aware and mindful of motorcyclists and their vulnerability on our roads.

Mr Hayes, a passionate motorcyclist for over 30 years, is well aware of the dangers associated with it.

"Being a motorcyclist myself, and having sons that ride, I personally feel very strongly about the importance of motorcycle safety. Raising awareness has the potential to prevent death and injury for a growing number of people who choose to ride a motorbike or a scooter".

"People are increasingly turning to motorcycles and scooters as a practical and relatively inexpensive form of transport, but we can never stress enough the importance of safety awareness", Mr Hayes said.

Motorcyclists now account for more than 15% of all road deaths, despite only making up 4.5% of registered vehicles in Australia.

Despite the dangers, Mr Hayes recognises numerous benefits of riding a bike.

He uses his passion to participate in the annual Wall-to-Wall ride for Remembrance in honour of Australia’s fallen police officers.

"This year I once again joined over 1,200 police officers, their friends and supporters from all over Australia in a ride that culminated in an assembly at the King's Park National Police Memorial in Canberra where the fallen officers were honoured".

The ride also raises funds for the important work of Police Legacy who look after the families of the fallen officers.

"There are many benefits of motorcycling but unfortunately, safety is not one of them. This is why raising awareness of motorcycle safety throughout our community is crucial".