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Motorcycle Awareness Week 2013

October 18, 2013

This week is Motorcycle Awareness Week.

Chris Hayes, Federal Member for Fowler, is using this opportunity to urge motorcyclists to exercise caution when riding and to encourage all road users to be mindful of motorcyclists and their vulnerability on the road.

"Motorcyclists make up 4.5% of registered vehicles in Australia but they account for more than 15% of all road deaths.

"There is clearly a level of risk associated with riding a motorcycle that all riders and other road users should be aware of", Mr Hayes said.

Motorcycle Awareness campaign becomes more and more important each year with increased reliance on this practical and relatively inexpensive form of transport.

"Being a motorcyclist myself and having sons who ride, I feel very strongly about this issue and the need to raise awareness to prevent serious injury or death", Mr Hayes added.

Mr Hayes has been a passionate motorcyclist for over 30 years. He uses this passion to participate in the annual Wall to Wall Police Remembrance Ride in honour of Australia’s fallen police officers.