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April 28, 2016


The co-conveners of the Australian Parliamentarians against the Death Penalty group, The Hon. Philip Ruddock MP and Mr. Chris Hayes MP call on President Widodo to urgently intervene to spare the lives of those facing execution in Indonesia including Australians, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

The group of more than 40 federal politicians from across the political divide urges the Indonesian authorities to heed their calls for mercy based on the belief that the death penalty, in all cases, in all countries, is wrong.

The Co-conveners of the group have both previously petitioned to spare the lives of Indonesians on death row in Indonesia.

"The Australian Parliamentarians against the Death Penalty group approaches this from a simple position – that the death penalty is an abhorrent practice that only diminishes those who perpetrate it", Mr. Hayes said.

Even at this late stage President Widodo has the power to grant clemency to those on death row.

"A stroke of the pen could ultimately stop these people from going before the firing squad", Mr. Hayes said.

Indonesia recently summonsed Saudi Arabia’s ambassador in Jakarta over the death sentences given to their own citizens by the

"The Indonesian government recently pleaded for the lives of two Indonesian nationals executed in Saudi Arabia – we only ask them to show the same mercy they asked of Saudi Arabia", Mr. Ruddock said.

"President Widodo is in a position of ultimate power. He has the control over whether somebody lives or dies. We ask that he exercise that power and intervene to spare these people from the firing squad", Mr. Ruddock concluded.