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Police Remembrance Day

September 29, 2016


Last Thursday 29 September, Police Remembrance Day, Police Officers across the nation paused to remember their fallen colleagues.

In NSW, sadly there were two deaths this year, Mr Curtis Cheng, who was shot in front of Police Headquarters in Parramatta during a terrorist attack, and Sergeant Geoffrey Richardson, who was killed in a motor vehicle accident en-route to an incident.

Chris Hayes, the Federal Member for Fowler, has moved a Notice of Motion in the Federal Parliament in commemoration of Police Remembrance Day and honouring all those in law enforcement who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the course of their duties.

"Policing comes with a high degree of risk and dangers which thankfully most of us will never have to face."

"We are indebted to those men and women brave enough to wear the police uniform and put their lives at risk to defend our safety and way of life," Chris Hayes said.

In the Christian tradition, Saint Michael is revered as the Patron Saint of Protectors and it is therefore on St Michael’s Day that Police have adopted 29 September in recognition of Police Remembrance Day.