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August 31, 2016


It’s hard to believe that three little words – are you okay? – can make a difference in someone’s life. It’s a simple question that packs a powerful punch.

R U OK Day is being held on 8 September but it’s a question we can ask every day, says Fowler MP, Chris Hayes.

Suicide, particularly in young men, is on the rise and in Australia suicide is the leading cause of death for males and females aged between 15 and 44.

Around 2,500 people in Australia die by suicide every year – more than seven people every day.

"The statistics are frightening and as a community, we must not look away."

"It may be your neighbour, it may be your work colleague, a family member or friend, if something doesn’t seem right to you, then it probably isn’t right for them."

"We all have daily pressures whether it be work, family, studies - no-one is immune, so start the conversation, you may be surprised what you uncover and it just may make a difference to someone you know," Chris Hayes said.