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Save a Life, Donate Blood

July 27, 2016


For some people the thought of having a needle inserted in their arm strikes dread in their hearts and while Fowler MP, Chris Hayes, understands this, he is urging everyone to overcome their fears, rolls up their sleeves, and donate blood.

The Blood Bank are in urgent need of blood donations, particularly the universal blood type, O Negative, which can be given to almost any patient in need.

Chris and members of his staff, regularly donate blood and hope to lead by example.

"Donating blood is a gift of life, it is a simple and painless procedure and only takes about an hour."

"Each donation has the potential of saving three lives, and that life could be someone you know."

"It is a selfless and rewarding act of kindness knowing that the small amount of time you spend in a chair giving blood will in turn, help someone during their hour of need," Chris Hayes said.

For more information on donating blood, visit the Australian Red Cross Blood Service website on