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South West Voice – Macarthur

June 08, 2017

“People who live with disability have enough to contend with without having to deal with the issues currently being experienced with the rollout of the NDIS, in particular the online portal,” says Fowler MP, Chris Hayes.


“I am told the NDIS portal is not user friendly, particularly for people from non-English speaking backgrounds.”

“My electorate is home to more than 50% of individuals from a non-English speaking background so it is imperative the system is streamlined to make the transition easier.”


“The concept of the NDIS is brilliant, it will change the lives of many but there is something missing in terms of the lack of staff and training that has resulted in many having to wait weeks for their care packages to be approved.”


“The NDIS forum that I am hosting on 4 July will bring to the fore the issues people are experiencing. I want to hear the good and the bad and I would encourage everyone to come along and have their say.”


“Without a collective voice, governments may not be aware of issues and this forum is an opportunity for all to voice their concerns,” Chris Hayes said.