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Take a Moment to Remember our Vietnam Veterans

August 11, 2016


While we all go about our day on Thursday, 18 August, spare a thought for the 108 courageous young men who fought the battle of their lives against a 2,500 strong hostile enemy, so says Fowler MP, Chris Hayes.

This battle, fought on a rainy afternoon on August 18 1966, was to become known as the Battle of Long Tan and is now remembered as Vietnam Veterans Day.

"It is hard to imagine that infamous day when these young men, in a foreign country, on a rainy afternoon in Vietnam, were ambushed by the equivalent of almost two battalions."

"Australia lost 18 young men that day but it was a demonstration of sheer courage, determination and mateship, acts that have come to typify the spirit of ANZAC," Chris Hayes said.

Vietnam Veterans Day is a day to recognise and honour the almost 60,000 Australians that served in the Vietnam War and the 521 who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom and liberty for the people of South Vietnam.

"The Battle of Long Tan will forever be remembered as one of the bloodiest, hardest fought battles in Australia’s military history and should never be forgotten."

"But the sacrifice made by all our Vietnam Veterans will always be in our hearts," Chris Hayes said.