Speeches Chris has made in the Australian Federal Parliament.

Constituency Statements - International Nurses Day

May 13, 2020

On behalf of a very grateful community, I thank our nurses and all our health workers for their dedication and commitment, particularly during the times of this pandemic.

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Bills - Aged Care Legislation Amendment (Improved Home Care Payment Administration No. 1) Bill 20...

March 05, 2020

"The Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison governments have clearly been asleep at the wheel or have simply been negligent. We've had four Ministers, billions of dollars ripped out of the aged-care system and one crisis after another. The government in its very poor way, quite frankly, has stumbled into addressing the findings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care."

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Matters of Public Importance - Multiculturalism

March 05, 2020

"If we want to get serious about settlement, it doesn't mean just pushing pieces of paper around; it means getting people focused on becoming—and being allowed to become—full members of our community."

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Bills - Australian Education Amendment (Direct Measure of Income) Bill 2020 - Second Reading

March 04, 2020

"Our children deserve to know that we are doing everything we can to ensure that they get the proper education and they can move to sustainable, secure, well-paid jobs in this country. "

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Private Members' Business - National Disability Insurance Scheme

March 02, 2020

" Labor will continue to hold this government to account on its promises, because Australians living with disabilities, their families and carers simply deserve better. They deserve support and meaningful inclusion in a society like ours."

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BILLS - Appropriation Bill (No. 3) 2019-2020, Appropriation Bill (No. 4) 2019-2020; Second Reading

February 26, 2020

"As a country with a significant presence in the Pacific region, I believe we do have a major role to play in the promotion and protection of human rights, and certainly particularly within our sphere of influence. This is particularly so with countries that we have a strategic relationship with, as well as with those countries we provide humanitarian aid to. "

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