Speeches Chris has made in the Australian Federal Parliament.

Constituency Statements - Fowler Electorate: Multiculturalism

June 23, 2021

Mr HAYES (Fowler—Chief Opposition Whip) (10:06): Earlier this month I had the privilege of attending the opening of the People's Globe in my electorate, a fantastic initiative by the Fairfield City Council led by Mayor Frank Carbone. The People's Globe is a 1.6-metre kugel ball—a granite sphere which is positioned on a water basin—located in the main entrance of Fairfield Showground. As part of this display, a nearby wall of ceramic tiles has been installed, bearing the flags representing the countries of origin of Fairfield's residents and showing the direction and distances to those places.

It is only fitting that the Fairfield Showground was chosen as the location of this display, as it is the centre of many multicultural events that take place in my community, such as the Vietnamese Tet Festival, the Assyrian New Year, Oktoberfest and the annual Eid Festival, to name a few. I've often had the opportunity to speak in this place about representing one of the most multicultural communities in our country. The People's Globe delivers us a testament to the diversity and success of my community in Western Sydney. It honours the First Nations people and pays tribute to their custodianship, particularly the Cabrogal people of the Dharug nation, who are the traditional owners of the land we now call Fairfield. The People's Globe is an important monument recognising and celebrating the very diverse immigration that we have had, the vibrancy of our communities, and all the people who have come across the seas to call Australia home. Many of the people in these migrant communities have fled their homes as refugees with very little or have migrated to seek opportunities for a better life in another country, but all have made a significant and invaluable contribution to our way of life and to our community. They have paved the way for future generations.

The People's Globe pays tribute to the heritage of more than 104 communities in my electorate and will serve as a constant reminder of the many people and communities who have contributed so much to modern-day Fairfield as we know it—and, indeed, to our nation. Our diversity makes us a better place. Well done, Fairfield City Council; you have delivered us something that we can be truly proud of. The People's Globe celebrates our diversity very well.